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Why Aries Ventures Inc.?

Aries Ventures a leading global investment banking firm, specializing in mergers and acquisitions, tax minimization, divestitures and corporate finance for the private middle market...

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What is Tax Minimization?

Tax legislation in most countries today requires that capital gains tax must be paid on any profits realized from trading in securities, property, and other financial instruments. During recent years, several of our high net worth clients have made substantial capital gains in the stock market, resulting in their classification in a higher tax bracket. As such, we seek to match these clients’ portfolios with non-performing shares (which are currently trading at a net loss) in order to offset their taxable income.

How can we be of service to You?

Many individuals in the securities markets have also experienced losses in recent years due to unforeseen market conditions and bad investments resulting in a net loss in their portfolio. By selling your current holdings for blue chip securities, you effectively recoup any prior losses while our clients benefit by minimizing their taxable income. It is more profitable and tax effective for our clients to exchange some of their holdings for your non-performing shares rather than paying capital gains tax by selling their shares in the open market.